Friday, September 27, 2013

6 Must Have Technologies For Every Event Planner

When you casually go up to an event planner to ask about the kind of technology they use in their events, their expected reply would be the use of big screens, or projectors during the events. Certainly, those things are important, but when it comes to the technology of event planning, they have just reached the 'tip of the iceberg'!
Sadly, several event planners (apart from those who are tech savvy) shy away at the mere mention of the word 'technology'. They may be aware of some new technologies, but they do not make use of them on a regular basis; thereby, missing out on some remarkable opportunities.
The downside being, if you do not embrace the current trends of technology for all your events and stage systems, your audience, or clients will dig for ways to use the technology on their own! So, the sooner you befriend technology; better chances of your event coming under the spotlight.
Let's look through the 6 technologies, which you need while planning your next event-
Before the start of your event, communicate with your speakers, via Google Hangout
It is important to communicate your goals to the speaker (s), before the start of the event. Gone are the days when you used to interact through telephones, or emails. Now, Google Hangout is the latest trend, where up to ten people can gather for a video conferencing. This medium helps in building a rapport between the speaker(s) and the entire team.
Make use of social media to promote your event
As soon as your event nears the date, start tweeting about it on Twitter, and add cool and interesting status updates about the event on Facebook and LinkedIn. Splash interactive videos on the social media and garner publicity. It will encourage people to register and show up for the event.
Make mobile friendly event materials
Printed event materials are passé! Introduce your program and handouts on a PDF format. This will make it convenient for the audience to get the materials on their tablets, or smartphones. You can even create a mobile app for the event- an easier and less expensive way to get noticed.
Internet access is a must during the event
Several hotels provide free internet access, but some of them do not provide it for free in the conference rooms. Due to this, several event planners avoid the use of internet altogether. Big mistake! If your audience can't get access to the internet to post a tweet, or check their emails; soon enough, they will leave the conference room to do it- and possibly, they may never return. The sign of a great event is when the audience can interact and communicate freely with each other.
Implement an audience response system
It is a whole different ballgame to want the audience to participate. Leave the boring interaction techniques behind like raising your hand, or talking to the person next to you. Instead, use the audience response system, or the voting keypad system. Turning the passive audience into an active audience is the best way to make an event hit.
Keep the phones switched on during the event
Yes, you heard it right! Allow the audience to keep their smart phones switched on and encourage them to interact with the speaker through text messages. This will make the event spontaneous and alive. They can ask questions and get replies right away during the event.
Technology for an event must not be used just because it is trending, or it is cool. It must rather be used wisely to upgrade your stage systems and event management business. With technology, you can carve your route to an enhanced and successful event.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Presenting the Best of Russian Ballet Performances

Russian ballet is well loved especially by the English and Europeans. Many interesting performances have been produced across the world through professional concert organizers. There are event agencies that specialize in presenting the best of Russian as well as Russian Opera and Folklore.
Russian theatres
Professional theatre organizers present the best of Russian ballet to ensure that the audience is truly entertained at each show. There must be the meticulous attention to details with a careful selection of stories to be presented at some of the best theatres across the globe. The professional collaboration between these organizers and the intense talents found in the Russian Federation allows the most exquisite of Russian Ballet to be showcased to British and German audiences.
A successful Russian ballet theatre depends heavily on the professionalism of the concert organizer. The best of shows must be chosen with a skilled and passionate cast besides having the best resources to make the concert a runaway success.
The audience contributes greatly to the success of Russian theatres and ballet. The feedback from the audience allows the concert organizer to improve in their story selection, services and presentation of the shows.
The Russian State Ballet was established to offer the best of musical entertainment through an intense passion and high quality in its ballet and opera performances. There is a plethora of Russian artists for some of the best ballet concerts but a successful theatre organizer must work only with the best.
There are different companies or theatre organizers that travel around Europe to present their selected ballet and opera productions but others prefer to focus on a tight collaboration with established Russian Federation theatres as these enjoy vast experiences through their long establishment with strong concert directors and artists.
The production quality of any Russian Ballet is crucial to entertain the audience. However, different audiences may require different settings and stories. Hence, the professional theatre company would perform shows that would be attractive to the local audience. It is not surprising that different artists are considered to perform the same Russian Ballet show but in a different setting with different costumes and choreography that makes the show enlightening.
Performance schedule
It should not be surprising if there are repeats of popular Russian Ballet concerts particularly with the best of classic stories such as Swan Lake, Nutcracker, Sleeping Beauty and Romeo and Juliet.
Russian Ballet concerts can be performed throughout the year at different theatre houses by different event organizers on Ballet and Opera performances.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Dirty Dancing Returns to the West End

You've had the time of your life, and now it's time to have it again. Every woman and most men alive today in the English speaking world has heard of Dirty Dancing. Women swoon over Patrick Swayze on the big screen, and the movie comes together to be an absolute classic that can't go unwatched by any sane soul.
To demonstrate just how popular the movie is, it was the first film to sell over a million copies and the soundtrack itself was such a hit that it generated two platinum albums and received several music awards. That's certainly nothing to sniff at, and this success translated to what all our hearts beat for: musical stage performances.
In 2004, the Dirty Dancing movie was converted to a stage performance in Australia. A raving success, it went on to go on tour around all of Australia and New Zealand, gaining traction with the masses and receiving thousands of requests from around the world to perform in locations such as the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States, and more.
It was two years later that London was blessed with a tour of performances, with the theatre being sold out for six months every time Dirty Dancing was meant to be performed. And where, you might ask, was this performed? The West End, of course! Aldwych Theatre has been the London host for Dirty Dancing since it arrived, and to this date it holds all the records for theatre performances in the region. One could say that's impressive, and they'd certainly be correct.
Since then, Dirty Dancing had done a UK-wide tour in 2011, with thousands of people begging for it to return in 2012 and now 2013. You guessed it, the 2011 tour broke records too! But if we're on the subject of begging for Dirty Dancing to come back to the stage, let me break some news for you.
It is coming back. In fact, it has come back since the beginning of July and it'll stick around until the beginning of 2014, and you can certainly find your way to the West End of London and have the experience again if you were there in 2006, or have it for the first time in your life and be utterly amazed by the performance, the cast, and the wonderful soundtrack.
Think it'll be at Aldwych Theatre this time around? Nope! The performance is being held at Piccadilly Theatre for the foreseeable future, and the current statistic of "over a million people" is expected to grow quite a bit over the next few months! So what are you waiting for? Be like the wind and get a ticket before they're all gone and have an experience that you'll look back on as, well... the time of your life.