Monday, October 21, 2013

How to Get Discovered As an Actor

"How to get discovered as an actor," it sure is one hell of a question being asked here, isn't? Being discovered as an actor would mean a lot for a person; it could lead to fame, fortune and all kinds of great opportunities. For a true actor, however, these are not the primary goal. A real actor wants to be discovered so that their work would become recognized, valued and attract attention. Just like every writer wants to be read -- every actor wants to be watched.
The acting industry is one of the most competitive fields of the entertainment business in the world. Due to a very common belief that acting is one of the easiest occupations on the face of the planet -- which couldn't be further from the truth -- many young and older people are trying their luck by picking acting as their first or new career choice.
Some artists approach this subject with plenty of knowledge and common sense. These people know what they are getting themselves into and prepare in advance for what is to come during the years ahead. Others, however, have no idea how big of a struggle an actor's life could be, and most of these people are hoping to get accidentally discovered, which is something we'll talk about further down this article.
Being discovered is a "millions of dollars question", and a fantasy of many people. Unfortunately, this is the kind of fantasy that people who also dream of losing 60 pounds in one week hoping for. You should not be one of those people, but that is not to say that you cannot become a working actor and maybe even a major film star in a certain amount of years spent within the industry.
If you decide to pursue this career, it will take a lot of dedication, persistence and hard work to come a little closer to the top. This means that you should start working on your future career right this very moment! Make yourself available for being discovered, if this perception seems to motivate you more. You need to be ready for whenever that big moment of a known acting agent coming over and asking if you have representation happens.
Begin from finding an acting class in your local area. If you're living in one of the major theater and film cities like London, Los Angeles or New York, then this task will be very easy. Smaller cities might have fewer activities on this subject, but usually every town has their own community theaters and acting classes. Do enough research, find them and then apply. Start working on your craft as a first step towards being discovered and achieving success as an actor.
Second, get all the necessary tools an actor must have - headshots, show reel and acting resume. After these have been acquired, register yourself onto one of the popular casting websites where jobs for actors are being posted. Add your headshots, resume and show reel there and watch the offers come pouring in. Make sure to submit yourself to projects only within your area; do not apply for something that will take you a day of travel. It is absolutely not worth it in the beginning of your acting career.
So in short, by the time you're in the business for about 2-4 months, here is what you should already have:
  1. Fantastic headshots
  2. Professional resume
  3. Edited show reel
  4. Some acting training
  5. Some experience
Third step is all about learning how the business side of acting works. How casting directors are casting parts, how talent agents are signing actors and how actors are supposed to become successful. Avoiding coming off amateurish in the eyes of every single industry person you're going to meet later in the future, and that means educate yourself every minute when you have time for it.
Fourth step, after you've been in the business for at least 6 months and have done some actual acting work, is networking. By now you must definitely have a resume, show reel, headshots, a working casting profile online, and most importantly - experience and acting training under your belt. Now is the chance for you to get discovered. Network as much as possible; visit different actors gatherings, film festivals, parties, clubs and every other place where you believe entertainment people might hang out.
Meet people from the industry, develop relationships with them, and let them know that you're an actor but never push on asking for work from them. Make sure they know where to find your acting resume and headshots in case they need them, and move on. When the time is right, you'll receive one of those important calls that might change your life. At that point it's all about not screwing your audition and being ready for the discovery that you have dreamed about.
Never get discouraged, apply yourself and believe that you can make it. Just have some common sense and understand that there are no easy ways in life, everything is achieved through hard work, persistence and dedication. Work at your craft, market yourself, get to know people and you'll be at the Oscars or BAFTA in no time!

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