Sunday, October 27, 2013

Improve Your Fitness With Dance

Dancing is one of the best ways to improve your health and fitness. It improves your lifestyle in so many ways. More than just the choreography and the music, dance is a whole combination of physical work, social interactions and mental stimulation.
When you are engaged in dancing; be it ballroom, ballet, jazz, hip hop, belly dancing or tap dancing, you need to be physically robust. Dancing has a wide range of physical benefits as it strengthen your heart and muscles, develops your flexibility, increases your endurance and burns calories as if you have run for miles. Dancing is not the sort of activity wherein you can relax while in the middle of doing it. You need to exert yourself as well as always be concentrating. You're not in a relaxed position nor are you in a state of tension. Dancing may well be tiring and muscle straining at first, but it is always meant to be enjoyed. You will never learn a dance well unless you first learn to take pleasure in doing it.
When you start to enjoy dancing, it makes you feel like you're not exercising at all. With all the good music and encouraging atmosphere, dancing will soon become like second nature. If you're not naturally a dancer, dance workouts help you develop a sense of rhythm and that's one way to start moving like a pro. Dancing enhances your body's muscle memory, helping you keep up with all the choreography with even advanced moves and complicated routines.
Dancing is not just about improving your fitness, but it serves as a great workout for the brain as well. Many people don't realize it but dancing sharpens one's mind. Discover it yourself by engaging in a ballroom or jazz class and soon you will find out that you have to keep on focus all the time while still maintaining a great deal of effort on getting your moves right.
More than just a physical and mental regime, dancing can also boost your self esteem and improves your social skills. Dancing opens up new opportunities for friendships and may lead to a larger network that can be helpful to you in so many ways. Being in a dance class enables you to mingle with people from different backgrounds and the only thing that binds you altogether is your love and passion for dancing. You never know but you might meet a new business partner, or a potential employer who's in need of the like of you, or maybe a romantic liaison is just around the corner, no one can really tell but the world of dancing is so varied that there's no telling who you will meet.

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